Mindfulness Meditation, September 29th


We all understand the significant health benefits that can come from regularly detoxing your body. Just as important as detox for your body, is detox for your mind. This can be accomplished by introducing a regular mediation practice to your daily routine. Mindfulness meditation is a proven method which can, among other things, be used to reduce anxiety, improve cognition and concentration, reduce distractions, and accelerate healing. In this 1 hour session, we will: Learn why mindfulness meditation is beneficial. Learn about some basic mindfulness meditation techniques. Practice mindfulness meditation through a short guided session. Using the techniques learned, complete a 20 minute silent meditation while the Biocharger recharges our bodies! Wrap up and feedback. Ken has been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 8 years, attends full day silent retreats, and is a graduate of the UMass-based Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program. Ken began meditating several years prior to being diagnosed with Lyme disease as a way to reduce sudden onset anxiety and day-to-day stressors. After developing a regular practice, Ken started to notice more and more difficulty with concentration and focus and had basically stopped meditating on a daily basis because of it. Shortly afterwards, Ken was diagnosed with Lyme disease and started an aggressive 2-year treatment program to regain his health. Realizing mediation would help to overcome the lingering effects of Lyme disease, Ken enrolled in the MBSR program at UMass as a way to kick-start his meditation practice and relearn how to live moment to moment and accept things as they are. Tickets are $25.00 per person and meditation will end with a BioCharger session!

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