Just Some of Services We Offer...

Our mid, near, and far Infrared Sauna with Acoustic Resonance Therapy and Chromotherapy-We have various programs to choose from. Sweating is one of the body's most natural ways to eliminate toxins,  making it a crucial part of detoxification. This unique 2-person far, mid and near infrared sauna has very low EMF, is hypoallergenic and is built using no harsh glues or chemicals. We offer programs that are specifically designed for detoxification, cell health, natural anti-aging, circulation, pain relief, blood pressure, weight loss, wound healing, detoxification or just pure relaxation! Our sauna also offers acoustic resonance therapy to surround you with soothing resonant harmonic music to increase the therapeutic effects of your sauna session. Our sauna along with the acoustic resonance therapy has chromotherapy where you can enjoy the healing benefits of light and color. Plan on at least 30-45 minutes for your sauna session at our spa. We provide the robe, towel and water to stay hydrated. All you need to do is RELAX!

HydroMassage-We can give our clients a unique form of water massage therapy with our HydroMassage Bed. HydroMassage is an unattended water massage bed, ideal for clients that would like full control of their massage experience, or who don't want to disrobe or be touched by a massage therapist. Additionally, clients don't have to set apart a large part of their day to enjoy the HydroMassage. They can enjoy it on their lunch break, before or after work, and still enjoy the benefits that one would receive from a traditional massage. Plan on at least 20 minutes for your HydroMassage session at our spa.

BioCharger-The BioCharger NG is a hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform. The transmitted energy stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve potential health, wellness and athletic performance. The BioCharger NG is completely non-invasive, and has proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination and mental clarity. We offer various customizable recipes and/or a monthly BioCharger membership. Plan on at least 30 minutes for your BioCharger NG session at our spa. We do offer a monthly membership for the BioCharger. We offer to all of our Detox Shop and Spa clients color therapy glasses to wear at your Biocharger session. Please ask about it at your next visit at our spa!

Harmonic Light Therapy-Experience through guided meditation, vibrational frequencies and harmonic light therapy for your mind, body and spirit. This unique light therapy session offers several different settings along with guided meditations. Relax in a zero gravity chair with a weighted blanket or lie down on a massage table, breathing in aromatic essential oils for a relaxed state. Plan on at least 40 minutes for your Harmonic Light Therapy session at our spa.  A harmonic light therapy session can help relieve pain and increase circulation.  Our harmonic light therapy safely and comfortably delivers light wavelengths throughout the body. Our red/infrared pads are medically approved and FDA OTC cleared to increase circulation and relieve pain associated with:


» Muscle/Joint Aches & Stiffness
» Tendonitis
» Injury and Wounds
» Back Pain
» Arthritis
» Muscle Spasms & Strains
» Neuropathy
» Repetitive Use Injury

We offer 3 different guided meditations of Harmonic Light Therapy. Regular Light Meditation, Ease Pain Meditation and Balancing your Chakras Meditation.

Please wear comfortable clothing and BOOK your session TODAY!

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